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A film that influenced our movie.

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To try and make a comedy film, we need to have many backup ideas and techniques, therefore to choose one specific movie that inspired our process and our final film is really hard. I would say that the comedy film that I was inspired by the most is; Superbad. Although the idea of the movie is not the same as the one in ur movie, there are similar concepts that can relate to our film. Basically Superbad, is a film of a group of friends that try to be the "cool guys" of the school, and they do everything to be this types of guys. They end up making a huge party to try and achieve their goal. In our movie, the two main characters of the film, are really close friends and they work together to reach a single goal, call the attention of Amanda (a rich lady). Sometimes, in Superbad the protagonists have stupid ideas, that at the end this what makes the movie funny. In this case this example has a direct link with our movie as Mike and Michael (the protagonists) have weird ideas to try and get Amanda, and as well this makes the movie a comedy.

In terms of soundtrack, both movies soundtracks are impactant. Our movie is full of different songs to represent the moment shown in the movie, and in the other hand, in Superbad, it happens the same, for each important scene  in the movie where the director wants to represent something in particular, music is played, to accompany the shots. In terms of the shots, and camera angles both films have plenty of camera angles, to show different perspectives of the scene. Finally, both movies are characterized to have bright colors alongside the movie. Bright and happy colors oftenly represent the comedy genre.

All in all the movie Superbad, doesn't have the same idea as our movie, Love Calypso. But, it does have a full variety of different aspects that helped me (as a director) to include more ideas and shots to our movie, so it can be categorized as a comedy film.

Best Rainy Day Movie

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There is no better feeling than being at home under the duvet, with a mug of hot milo, and a good suspense movie.  A rainy afternoon, with a amazing soundtrack and sound effect, good shots, and a heavy storyline will make myself forget the severe rainfall occurring outside my homeside.

Definitely, the best movie to watch in a day like this is Life of Pi. The story of a castaway alone, already adds a significant amount of suspense to the movie, without watching the setup and the storyline. And when the ‘element’ of the tiger is added to the storyline, adn to the daily life of the castaway, it rises the tension and makes the audience to stick watching the movie.

The story of surviving , full of suspense and action, is the perfect combination to watch while outside the storm falls. The plot of the movie is eye catching, and the setting (adrift) are elements that make this movie amazing. Talking about the different sounds and the soundtrack, they are really chord with the actions in the movie. To represent the intention of the director, is needed a strong and meaningful soundtrack, and sound effects to represent what is happening in the movie, and this is exactly what this movie has. The sound effects of the different animals that surround the setting combine perfectly with the sounds that make the protagonist.

For a rainy and heavy day, a good quality soundtrack is needed, and this movie has the perfect one.

Lastly, there is a wide variety of shots used in the movie to represent the different scenes in the movie. The shots that are often used across the movie is the panoramic shot, to  show the setting and the context of the setting. In this shot the audience can see the canoe, with the protagonist and the tiger, and as well the variety of fish in the sea and the background were the canoe is located. The other shot that is used constantly in the movie is the close up shot. This shot oftenly relfects the feeling of Piscine (the protagonist of the movie) while being alone in the middle of nowhere with a tiger.

The combination of an excellent script and storyline, with the addition of a good variety of shots, and an outstanding soundtrack make Life of Pi and excellent movie to watch everyday of the wee, but definitely this movie will fit perfectly on a rainy day.

The Story so Far

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Up to date (4.23.2018) we as a group have made a significant progress in this film process. Cristina Echeverri and I, being the directors of the film, have spent the class time coordinating the different props of the movie, such as the dressing of the characters, the locations where the film will be recorded and the specific time of the day we will start recording. Pedro will be the camera man and the editor of most parts of the movie alongside Cristina Torres, which is the sound manager, meanwhile Felipe is the producer. Of the actual movie scenes, we all ready have various scenes recorded. This took place on the 4.22.2018. First we went to the CC Andino, to start filming certain bits were the two protagonists of the movie needed to buy some clothes. This was a bit of a problem, as in the mall we didn't had permission to record, therefore we couldn't record as much, but we managed to get the necessary shots done, we spent 3 hours recording this part of the film. After recording around 10 different good quality videos with different shots at the mall, we proceed to Cristina Torres house. In this location, we recorded the spa scene, and all the videos that took part on an elegant house. We spent around 3-4 hours more recording this parts of the movie. All in all our first day filming was productive, we ended up being exhausted.

The film is almost on the halfway line, its looking good up to now. We are missing to record more scenes to finish the recording part, after this, we need to edit, which is the hard part. We are really excited doing the process of the movie as its really fun, but also we have learnt many aspects of cinematography alongside the process. We as a group, are hoping to produce a great quality film, to  have the chance to win any award in the ceremony. So far, I believe that we have cooperated really well in the group, as every opinion is heard and discussed. The process up until now have been really effective and each member of the group have learnt and contributed positively to the film.

Scene Analysis. Persuit of Happyness

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"The Pursuit of Happyness" is an American drama film, which is based on finding happiness. The movie protagonist, Will Smith, which acts as the parent of a little kid doesn't have many economical resources to maintain its family, but although many inconveniences happen throughout the movie he does everything to keep his little kid happy. During the movie Will Smith faces a variety of adversities, that make the movie really tense as the situation of him is critical. At one point in the movie he is homeless with his kid, but what he doesn't care much, all he wants is to find happiness for his little son.

The following scene is from the climax of the movie, when the situation of the family is tense. The scene starts with a panoramic shot which shows all the basketball court, which Chris (Will) is with his son playing basketball. The angle of the camera is straight and is direct to the actors. The camera moves as the ball bounces, and as the actors speak, the shots change deliberately, and a variety of shots are used depending on the moment of the scene. When the actors speak, the camera focus only on them. The space between the actors at the start is not a lot, but as they are moving constantly, as they are playing basket the movement of the characters in the scene is quite a lot. Mostly the scene varies between the panoramic shot, to show the complete view and the close up shot, to involve more the actors in the scene

In terms of the sound, there is not a lot in this particular scene. The dominant sound at the start (Not including the voices of actors) of the scene is the bouncing of the basket ball. As well, the basketball court is located on a public space. It includes the usual sounds of a streets in New York, many car sounds and horns, we can also hear a police alarm, this sounds work perfectly with the context of the story. The streets normally reflect poverty, and Chris and his family are really poor, therefore the sounds add more drama and tension to the scene and to the movie. In the middle of the scene, the sound is crucial. This part of the scene is Chris speaking to his kid about his dreams as a child in a very emotional way. There is a background song that is played along while Will Smith speaks. This, adds many different emotions to the movie.

The predominant colors of the scene are mostly dark and sad color. The color that is most relevant along the scene is grey. All the basketball court is grey and the background of the same has also many kind of sad colors. Black is also really predominant in the different shots of the scene. The colors have a massive effect on the receptor, as they also make part of the mood of the scene, and they also tell transmit many emotions. There is not much contrast between the colors of the scene, this makes the scene neutral, and reflects sadness more in particular